picture of insurance paper
picture of insurance paper


We Are Providers For Most Major Insurance Companies

Who knows better than the staff that has dealt with dental insurance for years on what insurance plan is most favorable for a patient's needs, given the option? Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our office manager or one of our treatment coordinators to discuss the best option for each individual treatment plan.

​Insurance Plans In Las Vegas & Henderson:

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    What are the Differences between Insurance Options

    Insurances divide into Indemnity plans, PPO plans, Self-funded plans, and HMO plans.


    Plans that do not have any particular fee schedule for covered procedures. Prices and copayments for procedures depend on the fees charged by each particular dentist. There is no restriction on the choice of dentist; however, some dentists might ask for a payment from the patient and then provide the patient with special forms to be reimbursed by the insurance company.


    PPO plans have a panel of dentists who are preferred providers for that particular insurance. Fees for each covered procedure are contracted between the insurance company and dentist, which is usually much lower than dentists’ customary fees. Therefore, copayments for the same procedures do not vary among dentists in the same geographic area and are much lower if the procedure is done at the preferred provider office. A list of providers can be found on the insurance company website. Our Dental Offices in Las Vegas and Henderson are providers for all PPO plans.


    plans are usually based on the individual union. Most of these plans choose their own coverage for each procedure and use various insurance companies as their administrators. Most of these plans are PPO plans; however, these particular plans can only be used at preferred provider offices. We are proud to inform that we have a special contract with UNIONS 14, 711, AND 986, RESULTING IN ZERO COPAYMENTS TO THE PATIENT FOR COVERED PROCEDURES WITHIN THE YEARLY MAXIMUM PROVIDED BY UNION.

    Who knows better what insurance plan is most favorable for a patient’s needs, given the option, than the staff that has dealt with dental insurance for years. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH OUR OFFICE MANAGER OR ONE OF OUR TREATMENT COORDINATORS TO DISCUSS THE BEST OPTION FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT PLAN.